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What is ADHD?

A frame provides perspective for understanding something. Reframing involves changing perspectives. In this chapter (and throughout this book) we will be reframing ADHD as a series of obstacles to work around, …one at a time.
Here are some workarounds for each of the following framing obstacles:

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• ADHD ignorance abounds
• ADHD interferes with your perception of time
• Successes can lead to diagnosis doubts
• People interpret intention behind your inattention
• You harbor shame about having ADHD
• Your executive functioning is impaired by ADHD
• How you determine if a trait or behavior is an ADHD thing
• Why you should care whether or not something is an ADHD thing
• Unless you are using artistic license, don’t blame it on your ADD
• Your mind will move toward chaos in the absence of external
• Your mind is susceptible to being organized by the environment you are occupying
• When normal people claim to have ADHD